Thursday, March 11, 2010

SEO Info

The vast amount of information that needs to be understood and acted on to have your internet business stand out is incredible.  Thank goodness for sites like Mommy the Marketer.  Funny and informative, this blog is definitly one to keep on  your reading list.

Tags and keywords, titles and descriptions...and spiders?!? These are all covererd in SEO Help Me! Part One

I admit I am not an expert when it comes to this type of thing--which is why I am recommending you head over to Mommy the Marketer's blog and take the next step in making your shops and sites all they can be!


  1. Search Engine Optimization Canada. Search Engine Optimization is not something that happens overnight. Googlebot is always indexing web pages and while Google has much computer power behind their technology, the rate of internet growth is simply too vast for even the largest super computers.

  2. You're absolutly right! So now is the time to get started tweeking to give yourself the best chance to get found in the search engines...the holidays will be here before we know it