Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday's Symbols

As the weather turns from summer to fall, the sunsets around here seem to get more colorful and stunning.  And I am constantly reminded of God's creativity and his love for us, even in the small details.  He didn't have to create colors.  There is nothing necessary about the colors in a sunset (or sunrise for that matter!)  It is simply to be enjoyed as it happens.

As I have entered my 40's (can that really be true?!?!?) I am starting to think about the changes that will inevitably occur as I enter the second half of my life.  And I guess you could say the sunset has in a sense started for me.  But I hope that as long as God allows me to be here, that I continue to shine with a depth of color that only comes with a long and close walk with HIM.


  1. I am with you there as I am definitely in the second half of my life, 51 now and just having gone through what I did, I need to hope for more beautiful sunsets and learn to enjoy them!! Thanks for sharing those thoughts!

  2. I think you have a little while before you get to say you are seeing the sunset! Possibly you are in the late afternoon of your life... sunsets start in another decade! Great choices of items, each is beautiful.