Saturday, June 9, 2012

Creating with What the Sea Gives Me

My focus in my shop has turned from painted glass to jewelry...and before the collective groan goes up about another jewelry designer, let me show you what I do.

This is sea glass (or beach glass) and it is found on select beaches around the world.  The sea glass above is from the New England shores and is probably from ship wrecks in the 1700-1900s. 

These earrings were created using a jellybean shape sea glass (possibly the stopper to perfume bottles?).  The color is aqua, one of the colors prized by collectors.

This sea glass necklace is also created with sea glass from the New England beaches.  It is one of my favorites because it is simple but makes a statement.  It was one of my earlier attempts to learn wire wrapping and I'm still pretty proud of how it turned out! 

My shop is filled with lots of beautiful sea glass jewelry and this necklace is still for sale!

1 comment:

  1. I love your sea glass designs! I guess sea glass is in my future! My brother just arrived with a hatfull from maine (literally) I've never seen such large pieces. Definitely not for earrings!