Monday, August 27, 2012

Storms of Life

I'm looking out my window and there are huge black clouds on the horizon that are racing towards me.  I know it's going to be a bad storm because my back is telling me so.  And while I'm thankful for the protection and safety of my house, there are storm clouds building in here as well.

So I take a deep breath, ask God for help and wisdom and start another day.

And I am reminded that without the clouds and the storms, we would not appreciate the sunshine.  We wouldn't have rainbows that appear out of nowhere and when you least expect it.  And we wouldn't be reminded that while the tough times come into our lives, they don't stay.

A few months ago, we saw this rainbow after our evening service at church.  I've never seen a rainbow at sunset and I've never seen one in all these shades of pink.  It was an amazing sight and I stood for almost 15 minutes watching as the sky changed colors and a second rainbow teased us as it would appear and disappear above the first.  (Unfortunately it was camera shy and I was not able to capture it with my phone.)

I don't know anyone who enjoys going through the tough times, but we all love the beauty that comes afterwards.  So I will stand firm on my foundation and wait to see the rainbows in the clouds.


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