Friday, October 26, 2012

Pimping out the White House

I could not believe my eyes when I watched the latest Obama re-election ad.  (If you haven't seen it yet, here's the YouTube link:
Let me start by asking this question...if this ad had been put out by the Romney campaign, would it still be OK?  If the conservative right had conceived this idea and ran the ad, how would the media, feminists and the liberals have reacted?  With open arms and tongue-in-cheek smiles?
And there lies the issue at the heart of it all--the double standard our media has chosen to uphold.
To imagine that we were shocked by Bill Clinton's sexual acts when he was in the White House...and now 12 years later, the current president can advertise to have virtual sex with millions of young girls this election day and it is touted as progressive and light-hearted. 
Having been raised by my grandparents as much as my parents, I definitely have a different value system than most of the people my age and younger.  But I don't think that changes the fact that this ad is deplorable.  How a woman can watch this and not be outraged is beyond me. 
I have a young daughter and I can't imagine telling her that one of the ads to get her father re-elected is that he wants all the young girls to lose their voting virginity with him this election. 
This ad pushes the bounds of decency.  
I feel sorry for Michelle Obama...imagine having to go to sleep each night next to a man who is planning to have millions of young women lose their voting virginity to him.  I wonder how many women that marriage bed can hold.
This country was founded on the idea that different ideas and ideologies can co-exist.  But even the Founding Fathers had common ground to meet on. 
There is no common ground with a man who holds the highest office in our country and pimps it out for re-election.

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  1. Wow, we have very different takes on that ad. I'm a liberal progressive woman who has a 12 year old daughter, and I'd like to see her grow up in a world where her health insurance covers birth control so she can decide when is a good time to bring a baby into her world. I'd love it if she was paid the same salary for the same work as her male counterparts. My favorite thing about this ad is that it states that participating in the voting process and helping to shape the society you live in is what takes you from child to adult. Becoming an adult has nothing to do with whether or not you've had sex.