Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday's Symbols

For the Christian, there is a symbol that is the source of our greatest shame as well as triumph.  Shame because I caused the death of my Savior.  Triumph because His death provided a way for me to have eternal life with Him. 

This week, I stumbled across some great cross items and wanted to share them with you. 

  This pendant is from my friend Donna's shop DH'Elegance.  I own one of her pendants (palm tree) and it has become one of my favorite pieces for casual outfits. 

  This great invitation set is from my friend Beth's shop BBlonskiDesigns.  Be sure to check out her other great designs--she's sure to have something that will fit your occasion!

  This amazing piece is from Art and Beth's shop Glass of Many Colors.  You can find many other amazing stained glass items in their shop!  (And if you like Art and Beth's work, be sure to check back for their Tantalizing Tuesday feature and giveaway!)

  This stunning piece comes from SandisShellscapes, where you can find all sorts of amazing pieces covered with shells.

  This amazing piece comes from Novella.  You can find a variety of crosses and mediums at this shop.

This cross can be found in J Kennard's shop, Desert Resurrections.  Striking reminder of the original cross, isn't it?

  This collage sheet can be found at Dooleys Photos.  It's perfect for pins or labels. 

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