Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Storm July 2012

I'm not one to be scared by thunderstorms,
 but when the lightening is striking so fast that it looks like daylight
at 1 AM, I'm not taking chances. 

After the storm passed, my husband and daughter ventured outside
to check everything out...I decided to stay in the house
and comfort the animals instead. 

When I went outside the next morning,
this is what the front door to my house looked like...

This huge branch fell between our house and the garage. 
It clipped the back porch and some of the siding as well as tearing
my pergola apart a bit, but the buildings were spared. 
I know God was watching over us because the branch split
and left my car untouched as well!  (The other part of that branch
was about 15 feet long on the other side of my car!)

You can see how close the branch came to hitting my car!


The awning was just ripped off the side of the house
and the railing was demolished.  But the window on this side
of the house was not touched at all!


Thank goodness that the grills were OK,
just tumbled around.  We were without power for six days and hubby
was able to cook using the grill each day. 
(Not that this was unusual for us...he loves to grill!)


My poor little mimosa tree either was hit by a branch blowing 
by or the wind just was too much for it. 



Our beautiful shade tree in the back yard was hit by lightening...
we think this tree must have been over 100 years old. 
My daughter's tire swing is on the ground to the left of the photo
to give you an idea of how big this tree actually is.


And this branch came down the next morning...
so grateful that we weren't under it when it fell!


And just a reminder that God still is always watching over us...this little tiger lily decided to bloom that morning.