Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So fun!

I love to make custom orders and this set for Samy was truly so much fun to complete!  Samy was a giveaway winner from a recent blog feature by Tracey on her blog TraceyKnits

Samy wanted something fun and with a celestial theme.  The initial design always takes the longest for me because once the paint has dried on the glass, it's virtually impossible to remove it completly.  After several false starts, I went with a whimsical design (rather than realistic) and it came out really well.

Samy just wrote about the experience and has pictures of the glasses in her home on her blog SamyinWonderland

Custom orders take on average about two weeks to complete.  Contact me on either my ArtFire shop or my Etsy shop with your ideas and we'll get started on your OOAK set of glasses!

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