Friday, June 25, 2010

Fab Friday

This week's Fab Friday artist I want to introduce you to is Leta from LetaMarieDesigns.  Her jewelry is simple and elegant and beautiful! 

How did you get started with your craft/art?

I have done other crafts (Knitting, Cross Stitch,etc) years ago, but it is my oldest daughter that got me started making jewelry. She is self taught and has been creating since her teens. 2 1/2 yrs. ago she decided I needed to to create jewelry too.

Christmas of '07 she gave me my first set of tools and showed me how to make a loop. I was off and running from there. I have learned a lot and look forward to learning how to do other things where jewerly making is concerned. I positively LOVE doing this and I give all the credit to my daughter for encouraging me and believing in me.

What prompted you to set up a home-based business?

I wanted to sell the items I made. And there is that dream that maybe someday I could do only this not only because I love to, but to have it be my only source of income too. I realize this may never happen, but I will always keep trying.

What part of your craft is your favorite?

 Designing. Trying to figure out what to do with what I have on hand.  Which can also be a bit frustrating too. But it is always exciting to see what I come up with. My designs tend to run toward the simple for now.

How have you changed since starting your business? How has this impacted your craft?

I am so much more committed to buying handmade. And seeing all the Wonderful Artisans out there makes me work hard at delivering a well made product.

What is the most challenging aspect of running your business?

Balancing time between networking and creating.

How did you come up with your shop name?

I choose the easy route. I combined my first and middle name. It rhymes pretty well.  Leta Marie~~hence letamariedesigns (my first name is pronounced with a long e and short a)

Where do you see yourself in five years? Where do you see your business?

I see having a wider range of items to offer. I see me continuing to sell online and at other venues. My goal is to work solely from home. Right now I still have to work outside the home as well, and hope eventually to have the income needed from jewelry sales to not have to.

How do you keep a balance between home and business responsibilities?

I am still working on that!

What is the funniest/craziest/most touching thing that has happened while having a business?

The most touching has been the Friendships I have formed online with some other artists. There are a few who have been just wonderful to me and have helped me so much. One even made me cry with her generosity!

If you could give one piece of advice to others who are just getting started with their businesses, what would it be?

Network,Network,Network. And know you Can do it! We all have something unique  to offer.

Can you give us some links to be able to follow you?

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