Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Williamsburg Vacation - Part 1

After several years, we finally saved up enough to go on vacation!  Since we're studying the beginning of our great country, it made sense to  head to Williamsburg, VA and see some living history. 

After several hours travel, we were ready to get our things to the room and figure out our schedule for the week. However, my hubby and daughter have a unique sense of humor (which bypassed me-I freely admit) and had fun getting the luggage.

 Our first full day in Virginia we spent over at Colonial Williamsburg. I usually don't give up the camera but my daughter insisted and she took a great picture.

We walked instead of taking the tour bus and toured some of the homes of the slaves and poor families.  But first we found some of the animals.

It's one thing to read about one-room homes and another thing entirely to be in one.  The lack of privacy was startling.

And just outside the house was the chicken coop.  Can't imagine having something that smells that badly that close to where you would sleep!

It was a really hot day...but building a home couldn't wait for comfortable weather.

The garden was in great shape!  Check out the amount of pollen on the bees legs...WOW!  And I have no idea what insect the other one is, but it was ugly.

And of course since this is hubby's area of expertise (history...especially American history) he was able to help us put things in perspective and explain about life in the times.

Once I find the rest of the pictures from our vacation, I'll get them posted!


  1. What a great post, I loved it. I spent some time in Williamsburg a few years ago and was amazed as your were at the living conditions in Colonial times.

    P.S. I think that's a stink bug! LOL

  2. I've been to Williamsburg twice, once as a teen and once with our kids. Both times were wonderful! I look forward to the next set of pictures.

  3. Virginia has well preserved history! My parents live in V.A. and I always try to visit something historical when I visit.
    It looks like you all had a great time!
    I loved the picture of that bee!